My Bemz Sofa Cover

Happy New Year!

It’s been awhile. I definitely planned to blog a lot more than I have been but I also did not plan on having any design work. So between a few nice little jobs and homeschooling I’ve neglected the blog. But not today! Today I have to share my new couch cover with you.

Here she is:


We bought this sofa used about 6 years ago. We were quite happy with the find because we both liked the IKEA Kramfors shape but then one day it was discontinued so when we found one on craigslist we snatched it up and bought a yellow cover for it on ebay.

IKEA + Kramfors + Yellow + Sofa + Sectional + Slipcover

Fast forward 5 years, we get a cat and the cat destroys it. It was already faded and nearing the end of it’s life so it wasn’t all the devastating, however, I was quite nervous to get anything new fearing the cat would destroy it again. I was also annoyed with/embarrassed by my couch situation so after ruling out the option of an entirely new couch I ordered a few Bemz Samples to get the legitimate dreaming started.

Bemz Samples 1
bemz sample 2 .jpg
bemz 3 .jpg

There are a few options for custom IKEA covers but I was sold on Bemz from the moment I got my first samples in the mail last Summer. Anyone else a sucker for good packaging?

At that point they had a sale on certain covers so I only ordered those. Later I ordered the Simply Velvet in Deep Navy Blue and fell in love. Plus we noticed the cat seemed to keep his paws off our velvet furniture so that seemed to be the safest choice.

Bemz Deep Navy Blue Simply Velvet Sample

I threw around the idea of painting the base of the sofa gold but decided on matte black.

IKEA Kramfors Bemz Simply Velvet Cover

Now we just need a coffee table and maybe a cow hide rug in brown tones to layer on the striped rug? And a new chair or two, maybe something that doesn’t have springs poking out the side? That green one is just so comfy I’m not sure I can ever give it up.

Back to the Bemz cover. I’m giving it a 9/10. The quality of sewing is great, the cushions fit like a glove, but the back pieces are a tad loose. However, they’re 198% better than I could do myself, plus they’re finished - something else I have trouble with when I start my own project. So if you have an IKEA couch you’re thinking of recovering - do it! And do it with Bemz. (FYI this is not sponsored I just really love my Bemz cover and I think you would too.)

And that old yellow couch cover? Out of the goodness of his cat hating heart Tony made this:

cat scratching post.png

Thanks for tuning back in after my absence. I’m trying to get a ‘2019 trend’ post and a ‘3 things you must embrace to renovate on a budget’ (anyone have a shorter name for that?) post out soon!


Design is Like a Mom

Design is like a mom, nobody notices when she’s around but everyone misses her when she’s not
— Graphic Designer Santiago Borray

Good design is sort of invisible, isn’t it? Maybe that’s why it’s so underappreciated. When something is well designed you don’t notice how well it works because it works so well. But when something is poorly designed? Then you notice. You notice that massive building blocking the view, or the door that opens into the bathroom so awkwardly you have to step in the toilet to close it, or the poor transit system, or the congested coffee shop, or that there isn’t enough counter space in your kitchen where you need it, and the list goes on. When it’s bad, you notice, when it’s good, you don’t.

So take a look around, how “invisible” is your house, your neighbourhood, your city?


5 Stylish Guest Bed Alternatives (When you Don't have a Guest Room)

A guest room is a lovely thing but maybe you don’t have room for one or don’t have overnight guests often enough to justify a dedicated guest room. Here are some practical furniture options for every style and every budget that can double as guest beds. Use them in your living room, bedroom, library, basement, anywhere you please!

*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links which means I earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

CB2 Lawndale Daybed  - more colours available

CB2 Lawndale Daybed - more colours available

Sven Daybed  from Article - More colours available

Sven Daybed from Article - More colours available

Flex Sofa  From Resource Furniture - made to order

Flex Sofa From Resource Furniture - made to order

Ikea FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa  - more colours available

Ikea FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa - more colours available

I just tried this IKEA FLOTTEBO out the other day I love it! The pillows are weighted and can be placed in the middle to create seating on both sides, or anywhere else to create seating however you see fit. If it’s not quite your style, switch out the legs for a more custom look.

I hope you’re inspired to rethink the guest bed!


Pattern Mixing 101

Pattern mixing is not for the faint of heart but follow these three simple steps and you too will be mixing like a seasoned designer.

  1. Start with a blank slate. If you’re starting from scratch, easy peasy. If you’re not, take a deep breath, remove all the items and colour from your room, either for real (as much as you can) or in your mind, and exhale.

  2. Start layering. Choose your main item. Maybe it’s a sofa. And choose one pattern (to start, don’t worry, there will be more) that could be a pillow, or wallpaper, or it could be your sofa (or anything else, don’t let my lack of imagination stop you). Keeping in mind any fixed items you may need to work with - existing fireplace, flooring, cabinetry, etc.

  3. Keep layering. Add a solid that works with the pattern and then a pattern that works with that solid and so on and so forth, Remembering along the way to balance your patterns, solids and colours throughout the room - don’t end up with all your solids on one half of the room and all your patterns on the other… or all your large items patterned and all your small solid and visa versa, mix it up! And don’t worry about keeping the coordinating pieces together, they can be spread throughout the room.

There you have it. The key is to work step by step, one thing at a time, and you’ll slowly put together a space that is so very you. Hope that helps!

If you want an even easier way to mix patterns, check out my e-design services and leave it all to me.


Why Hello

Welcome to my foyer. It took a bit but I’ve decided this is where we’re going to start. I have a million ideas (and posts started) for this blog but have narrowed it down to two focuses - for now anyway. First off, I want this to be a place where you will feel inspired and informed, rather than the usual anxious and overwhelmed, when making design decisions. Second, and maybe it’s a bit selfish, (but hopefully still inspiring and informative) I figure this is the perfect way to motivate myself to get my own house finished. Only problem being I just quit my job to homeschool two of our kids so we’re going to have to start with the free projects.

Paint:  Behr Marquee MQ6-54 River Forest  - can I just say, a pleasure to paint with.

Paint: Behr Marquee MQ6-54 River Forest - can I just say, a pleasure to paint with.

A quick history, we started building our house in September of 2016 and moved in July 2017. Told you, quick. Fast forward to November of 2018 the foyer has undergone two makeovers while the rest of the house is still unfinished. Hence my second focus.


Although I have labeled this space as finished I still plan to repaint the front door (I’m not a fan of the colour with my exterior woodwork) and I would love to replace that bench with something like this:

Or this:

Unfortunately there are other priorities. One being a couch but we’ll talk about that another time. *Update: Check out our new couch situation here.

Ikea Vittsjo Desk in white

Ok, well, I’m kinda awkward with goodbyes… but it’s that time so thanks for hanging out in my foyer and if you want to know where everything is from it’s all sourced below - other than the gold sconces and blue stools. The sconces were from CB2 but they are now discontinued which is really sad because I love them so much (especially against the green) and I think I only paid $14 a piece for them? My photography skills do them no justice, but feel free to come over and see for yourself! I bought the stools when SEARS was closing out and I know I’ve seen similar ones so if I come across them again I’ll link to them. Or if you’ve seen any let me know!

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*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links which means I earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.